Sunday, 4 October 2009

Hot chocolate and a bored game

Will i ever manage to get the pictures where i want them?
Anyway, after a rather lovely ( thanks me!) Sunday roast we decided to spend the afternoon playing Monopoly . Rather a challenge for two ever so slightly competative children a three year old and two tired parents.
We got rather into it,the hot chocolate helped. Sonny dropped out after an hour and wandered off to play with more interesting stuff in the room, I dropped out an hour after that after it became clear it was getting serious and wasn't going to end any time soon, and half an hour after that Jamie was pronounced the winner

with Maya coming a close second. Well done to all involved for not gloating( Jamie) not sulking ( Maya) not losing the pieces ( Sonny) making amazing hot choc ( Martin) and awesome crumpets with cheese ( me!)


  1. Just discovered your blog, it's great :0)

    Gina xxx

  2. Ah Thanks !
    I read so many lovely blogs ( yours included) so i thought i'd bite the bullet and give it a go!
    Thought would be something nice to look back on.

    Charlotte xx