Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Green Smoothies

For a long time now we've all loved fruit smoothies, Martin in particular loves to make them and will pop anything in he can get his hands on including, tomatoes, carrot juice and beetroot juice, but up until now the green smoothie has eluded us!

But no longer!

After watching a video on the web i am inspired ! And tomorrow Sonny and i will be creating one. We'll have to wait until tomorrow because we've got no spinach in ( only Kale which i think may be a bit too fibrous for a first attempt!) But i'm very excited and can't wait.

I'm hoping the others will love it too, they quite like spinach so i'm hoping it won't put them off too much. Maya in particular tends to make her mind up about things before she's even tried them , but loves smoothies and the concept of a healthy nutritious drink so hopefully that will win her over!

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