Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fun in the Sun

A day of wall to wall blue sky , warm sun and lots of fun, we had the obligatory water fight, which certainly was a fight at times,

Maya decided she was too dignified for that kind of thing and took shade beneath her parasol ( read umberella)

I marvelled at the lovely jungle like quality of the garden , and watered by not so little seedlings, which despite being busy doing nothing most of yesterday still didn't get planted, tomorrow i promise little plants!

Cut and engraved more glass bottles for garden torches, just need to add the wax and poles now.

Ate food in the garden ( this option is usually preferred any time it isn't raining to be fair, as A) Food tastes better outside B) It makes less mess!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday selection

Desperate for a new headband to cover up my messy roots i decided to knit my from an assortment of wool in my stash. I'm really pleased with the result evn if it is a teensy weensy bit small, sure it'll stretch. Some more makes for Trash a little sock monkey ( strictly speaking he's a tights monkey) and some rather glittery candle holders. We've been crafting away like mad at the minute to try and get things ready for the festival we're going to in 11 days, oooh can't WAIT!

Some beautiful chammomile growing on my windowsill and some berries ( possibly blackcurrants maybe redcurrants) growing in my garden.

On Saturday we went to a nearby village to see the well dressing going on there. They were so beautiful and colourful.

Today we've been doing some tie dying, its been ages since i did any and i've been rather inspired by all the stuff H ( fellow Trash girly ) has been doing at the minute . Maya was intrigued and eager to help , tying up the little babygrows i'd dug out. We did green first and then blue. it worked really nicely but i wished i'd used a couple of sachets to get a deeper colour, although the pillowcases we did turned out really well. Tie dye project number two will be a ring sling in purple i think !

Views from the hammock

One of my favourite places to be.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


16 week bump. Finally starting to show . lovingly massaged twice a day with sweet smelling oil ( how long will i keep this up for i wonder?)
Trying to document this pregnancy as much as possible and to enjoy each different stage, which at this particular stage is remarkably easy!

How does your garden grow,

Can you see that big patch of dock leaves in the corner of the vegetable patch? Well thanks to some very dedicated diggers ( not me or maya ) They are not there anymore ! Wahoo! We now have a vegetable patch free( ish) of dockleaves etc all ready to be planted with the lovely little seedlings growing in the green house.

And look a brother and sister sat nicely writing stories together ( we'll pretend for the sake of argument that one of them didn't storm away from the table wailing a couple of minutes later because their sibling accidentaly pulled the cover off their book!)

tiny gooseberries

bluebells, forget me nots and nettles ;0)