Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Spring has sprung in the little garden

Well a little bit. A few teeeeny tiny glints of green have started to appear on my newly planted plum tree, my carrots are definitely bigger and the little tomato seeds have started to grow ( ok thats not in the garden but everythings growing, you get the picture! )
I am finding it quite weird though that we have a MUCH smaller garden now. It is lovely and I am slowly filling it with various planters and baskets, i've planted trees and fruit bushes and got my seeds and trowel at the ready- but it still feels a bit odd. There are some definite bonuses, like the fact that cutting the grass doesn't take up half the day and that when you call the children in for their tea they can actually hear you and you don't have to go exploring to find them, but sssshhhhh....I do miss it a bit. Its quite a neat garden too in comparison with the old house, which was wild and overgrown in places so I'm  hoping when things really get going on the growing front it will start to feel a bit more like MY garden.

Hmmn you can't actually see the garden at all really in any of those pics can you, I shall try and take some better ones ( Maybe when its not looking so bare) 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Notebooks and Yarn.

These are a few of my favourite things.........

I've really got into journalling lately. I've always been a list maker, although my lists have never been in such lovely  journals before. They usually were to be found on the backs of napkins, receipts, screwed up pieces of paper in my bag. Until my birthday when I decide to treat myself to one of my friend Sara's lovely journals.
A bit of an obsession has begun....

I've always enjoyed drawing/sketching/doodling ( call it what you will) but after I finished my art degree ( a loooong time ago) I had really had ENOUGH of anything arty and avoided it for a long time. Until last month. It has *almost* replaced yarny activities in term of my evenings entertainment. I'm particularly liking the doodling just for the sake of it, because it looks nice, not because it means something or is a metaphor for anything else!

In more yarn related news i've been working on this ....

And I've finally bloody finished it! A new design for a little shawlette. I kind of made it up as I went along so ( glutton for punishment) I've written it out and i'm knitting it again , sort of, i'm trying some different increases this time
Absolutely love this grey yellow wool. It was an experimental skein ( so i totally had to keep it right ;)  ) that I dyed whilst trying things out for the Stationery lovers yarn box that Sara and I collaborated on. A Journal, some yarn, stitch markers, buttons and chocolate ( whats not to love?!) 
I'm hoping to finish it marginally quicker than the first that seemed to take forever, and then I'll be releasing it as a free download - provided it happens this side of the millenium. 
In the meantime I'm busy creating some plant based yarn boxes ( plants vs zombies) and tinkering around with some rather awesome  vintage fabrics. Until next peeps xx