Thursday, 22 April 2010


I am back on track ! Out with the junk in with the proper food. Green smoothie and cornflakes for brekkie, yummy big salad for lunch with some water ( just water not fizzy or anything) some home made soda bread, some frozen raspberries, omlette and salad for tea with fresh orange juice followed by fresh pineapple and not a single biscuit or chocolate bar or fizzy drink in sight.
I feel loads better, probably mainly because those first sicky feelings have passed but surely partly because i'm eating fresh living foods. I've actually had a headache today ( a sure sign that my body is detoxing the rubbish) anyone got any natural remedies to help? I've held off the painkillers and been glugging water in a bid to flush out toxins but any advice is appreciated!

Soda bread, because i'm just not organised enough to coordinate normal bread making( or more accurately bread being ready to eat) and mealtimes.

Sonny demonstrating the correct way to play his guitar , note Sonny lovely new haircut that he has done himself!!
Me: Have you cut your hair?
Sonny: Yes
Me: Why did you do that?
Sonny : It was in my eyes!
Well you can't say fairer than that i suppose.

13 weeks
I am so proud of this tiny bump. I love the pregnant form and the way the body changes. I can't wait to feel those first tiny flutters. I'm really trying to treasure every moment of this pregnancy , and seeing that little bump reminds me what a gift i have been given.

And this was a little visitor to our garden this evening. Isn't he lovely? What i want to know is who threw a piece of my lovely , very yummy soda bread under a bush in the first place !!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More Trash makes

This year Trashrevamp ( the business i'm involved with , with the lovely Kirstie and Heather) are running a stall at our favourite festival , Off The Tracks ( a folk fest in Castle Donnington) in May. I'm really looking forward to it , and so have been experimenting with more candles to take with us . Revamped from old bottles and wax. The gold was painted on but the white sun is engraved. Its the first time i have tried that and i quite like the results .

The middle one obviously needs the wax adding still. We've ( me and Martin ) also been experimenting with garden torches made from old wine bottles cut in half then mounted upside down on a bamboo cane, bunged and filled with wax...making any sense ..perhaps easier if i include a picture next time. I'm still not a hundred percent happy with the finish though so will have to persevere with trial and error i think .

Monday, 19 April 2010

Hello baby

Still unsure as to the necessity of a scan but curiosity got the better of me. Here is my beautiful baby bean alive and kicking. Looking forward to October !

Friday, 16 April 2010

Maya's pictures

Another sunny day today and Maya took to the garden with my camera.
It has been so warm today and the children have been outside for most of it , making up little games , bouncing on the trampoline, watering plants, arguing, ignoring Mummy ( a regular day for them then) Despite the lovely weather i have been in a foul hormonal grump all day they has now only subsided now that the children are in bed ! ( horrible mummy)

This was a little ant nest/hole that i stumbled across whilst planting the strawberries, that Maya photographed.
And these little ladies are Sonny's new hamsters. At the moment they are called ice and cream, but this will probably have changed again by tomorrow.

' Mummy i've taken a totally brilliant photo !' ( nothing like blowing your own trumpet eh!)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Road trip

Last Tuesday we set off for a leisurely trip down to Norfolk in the little van. The first place we were staying at was a basically a really large field with a toilet block. But what a lovely field . Their were only a couple of other people staying so it was really lovely and peaceful ( well it probably was before we arrived ! ) There was also a little wood to the side which the children and Martin went exploring in whilst i set up beds. The children each have a bunk in the roof and the seating at the bottom folds out into a double bed. After some tea ( which incidently tasted so much nicer because it was cooked and eaten in a field) and a little bit of messing about in the soot from a large communal fire pit in the centre of the field ( hhhmmmnnnn)we got ready for our very first night in the van .

After a rather lengthy attempt to get excited children to sleep ( ok so we gave in and all went to bed) we awoke bright and early the next morning ready for are next day of fun ....Dinosaur adventure park.
After packing up the van rather quickly we headed off to meet up with cousins again . Sonny ran through the park barely stopping so excited to see the next dinosaur.

After a very exciting , yet bloody freezing sort of a day we set off for Hunstanton for the next leg of the trip.
And what a diffference a day makes . The sun was shining the sky was blue it was a glorious beautiful day. I'm so pleased that we got to spend every minute of it outside. There really is something about the sea that brings a smile to my face . As a child when it rained i would take my umbrella and go and sit on a deserted beach watching the sea. It was magical and still is no matter what the weather, ( i still prefer it deserted though)

It wasn't the most nutrionally sound day ( icecreams on the beach , chip shop chips in the van after dark......) but it was a brilliant day . The children managed not to argue too much ( it always helps when they're not in a confined space) and the sea air knocked them out the minute their heads hit the pillow.

Day 4 and we headed back up the coast to Sutton on sea , where we stayed with at my Nana's bungalow with my Mum and Dad too. This is probably one of my favourite places in the whole world i spent so much time here as a child. just behind the sanddunes is the beach. A beautiful unspoilt quiet beach.......that i didn't take any pictures of....

We also visited a wonderful little house called Candlesbys Herbs. A little cottage on the outskirts of a village where the garden is full of hundreds of different little herbs , and the house is full of jars and jars of dried herbs. It was heaven! I could have spent a small fortune luckily i was dragged away after too long but not before purchasing some chamomile, some lavender and a violet plant and rather a lot of different dried herbs.

Day 6 and it aws time to head home . On the way back we made a stop off in Lincoln . We had a look round the cathedral and lit a candle for Grandpa Tom, we then looked at the castle ( from a far) and found some lovely shops selling crystals and insence and then made our way back to the van for our journey home.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Easter Pics

Ready ...steady .... Some of us were rather excited about not only the arrival of our cousins, Auntie , Uncle and Grandparents but a certain easter morning event.
I made then all a little bag to collect their eggs in , which were * almost * more popular than the eggs themselves.

We had a fabulous weekend , the culmination being the very lovely roast dinner cooked by Martin, John and Andrew. It was obviously the nicest meal i have eaten . Ever. After lunch we went to a really nice play area/ meadow that has apparently been just round the corner from us since we moved in ....6 years ago. I felt a bit despondant when i thought of all the times we have driven to the park. Equally lovely but a drive , when this lovely little place was there all along. To be fair it isn't signposted and you have to go through a housing estate so if you didn't know ......
Anyway i forgot the camera so there are no pictures of said lovely area, i'm sure we will return again though. The family left on Monday and then we began our little road trip.