Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sonny rides his bike

This very cleverest of four year olds has learnt to ride his bike without the stabilisers on . The momentous occasion happened last week and he has gone from strength to strengh. Here are the pictures from our second attempt at just ' having a go'

and we're off.... wobble......

That's it keep going.....

keep pedalling.....

I'm so impressed! I remember it took me AGES to learn without my stabilisers , i was rather a cautious child and a bit scared about falling off . But apparently when you are a fearless wonder as regards to , well just about everything really, bike riding is one of those things that you just take in your stride! The joy of seeing my littlest bear wobbling off into the distance filled me to the brim and hearing his siblings admiration at how good he was and congratulating him absolutely made my day !

Friday, 11 June 2010

Things i have been growing this week..

Bump at 20 weeks, We had a scan again this week , all is good . And the sex of the baby is .......... going to be a surprise. I did really want to know , but then once we were in there Martin said he was thinking he wasn't sure if he did want to know , and then they said they didn't know anyway because its legs were closed , and then it seemed like we weren't supposed to know yet anyway! I shall continue with my brightly coloured ambiguous knitting then .

We have also been having lots of lovely lettuce from the garden, and the greenhouse , and the windowsill....... i planted rather a lot and have them dotted all over at the minute.
I love the little tiny leaves the best.
The children have also had their first pea pods from the garden this evening. There was the beginnings of a squabble when after eating her peas Maya ate the pod too , declaring it lovely, upon which Jamie and Sonny decide they both MUST have a pod too! Luckily for all involved there was plenty to be had.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

First Strawberry!!!

Sliced in five ( for goodness sake)

Folksy Shop

I have set up a folky shop !! How very exciting please do pop over and have a look ! Specializing in the reclaimed/ recycled. Fans of trashrevamp will recognise a few items.

When i have worked out how to do it ( you know i struggle with these things!) i shall put a badge in the side bar with a link . But for now you can find me on the above link. ( I'm Mama Trash by the way )

Friday, 4 June 2010

Up the garden path

Things are really coming along in the garden, fruits, flowers, plants, weeds ( purely for medicinal purposes you understand!) They seem to have gone wild in the space of about a week. Look at my goosegogs now. Think the boys must ask EVERY time they walk past them ' are they ready yet?' a rather wild fruit patch containing , black currants, redcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and another gooseberry bush just for good measure. Out of interest does anyone know how to make raspberry leaf tea? Is it a case of take the leaves and infuse in boiling water or do they need drying out first?

Some chives which are often presented to me in a rather fragrant bouquet.

The start of the potatoes..

coutgettes, pumpkins and corn all now safely in the vegetable patch. And a rather beautiful , tree/ plant. Is it a guilder Rose? not sure. I love it though, the blossoms are like fluffy snow balls.

If all else fails....

take your clothes off and run around the garden in your pants!

maybe i'll give it a go tomorrow .....

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Blog Award

Shell over at My Handmade Haven has given me a very lovely Beautiful Blog award!



Unfortunately due to being slightly rubbish at this sort of thing i don't know how to post it on my blog ( the shame)

I would like to dedicate it to Naomi At

Running for the Hills ( in my sidebar) who is going through a really tough time at the minute, and send her and her family all my love xx

And ten things about me...

1. I have the same middle name as my Mum , and my daughter

2. I have worked in a fish factory ( I am from Grimsby!)

3. I have one tattoo but quite fancy another

4. I'm an only child

5. I like the rain

6. The first nappy i ever changed was my daughters

7. My current craving is for toasted marshmallows

8. I hate washing up

9.I have a degree in fine art

10. I love being a Mummy and when i was little wanted to have lots of children sat round the breakfast table.

Off The Tracks !

We had a truly brilliant time , have a look at what we got up to at the trash blog.