Monday, 28 November 2011


hello ! im back , all be it with bad punctuation and no capital s ( why phone? why ? )
we're all good , my little lovelies are now 11, 8 ( tomorrow !! ) 5 and 1 !! that lovely little baby is now a robust , climbing , exploring , cheeky little , boobyfeeding , babyworn toddler! i will add a bit more later but really i want to check this actually works ( posting from my phone dontcha know ;)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

4 months

She is nearly 4 months old !!!!! Doesnt time fly when your having fun ........

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Still here

We haven't disappeared of the face of the earth . We have been very busy with Yule,Christmas , my birthday (33 eeeek!) new year , tonsilitis , possibly scarlet fever, bronchiolitis , a hospital stay, tears , laughter and quite a bit of driving . Oh and i'm not sure where i've put the camera so we have 1 photo .
Millie is 11 weeks old now , i cant believe how fast the time is going , i want it to stop and keep her this age forever , but then i think that at every age. The little home born baby has stayed in hospital for the first time now , and having stayed there for three days it just confirmed how right it was having her at home.
She is much better now , now if Sonny can just recover from his mystery illness we should have a full bill of health. It seems that we have gone years with out any illness to speak of only to catch everything going in the last few months .booooooo.
Anyway we are still here and full of new years resolutions that haven't quite kicked in yet , to be on time (hhhmmn) to declutter ( desperately needed!) to put things back where they came from ( altogether now!) to eat better ( slipped a bit) to get fitter ( cough) to keep Trash and the Folksy shop updated ( done see link ) and finally to get up earlier ( hahahahahahahah) well a girl should have something to aspire to.....