Saturday, 3 October 2009

Garden delights..

The chickens are laying really well at the minute, we're getting three eggs a day! its a good job eggs are rather popular in this house. We also have rather a lot of gem squashs from our Abel and Cole box. Hmmn more soup perhaps? I have seen a recipe for pumpkin brownies in Gp magazine , maybe they'd work with squash? We'll have to see!

A lovely lunch of salad for everyone, and a happy barefoot boy in the garden.

Some of the delights to be found in the garden at the minute. I can't believe how well the corguettes have done , i bet we've easily had 30, and from only three plants! I don't feel i can take any credit for the success, i haven't 'done' anything to them since they were planted out. We must have good soil for courgettes!

apologies for higgldy piggdly pictures..apparently when your this good at courgettes it leaves little room to be good at technical things too!

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