Thursday, 8 October 2009


Sonny absolutely loves dinosaurs, they are his favourite thing at the minute ( aside from mooey, but thats a different story) He knows all their names , his favourite being an Ankylosaurus, he knows that it can 'break a T-Rex's leg with its tail!' and he knows which ones live in the water and which live on land and can even tell the difference between a Pteranadon and a Pterodactylus! ( Different heads you know!)
Playing with dinosaurs is even better with wood you have borrowed from the log basket and material you have borrowed from Mummys sewing bag and always better with an apple!

This dinosaur had to go into 'the real world' because he didn't like it in 'Dino World'

And there he stayed all afternoon. This dinosaur is normally a favourite because of his extraordinary talent at 'eating stuff'. I dread to think what lurks at the bottom of this little fella.

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