Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Challenge

Here is the finished product one green smoothie! It was lovely ( even if i was a bit apprehensive before i drank it!) I was worried it would be bitter or like cold soup but it wasn't it was just delicious! Everybody liked it (phew! ) we've made and drunk two jugfuls already.
Inspired by this I intend to take up the 30 day green smoothie challenge. More details can be found on Sara's blog here But basically it involves the following
* Drink at least 16oz of green smoothie a day
* Do some sort of activity everyday ( anything from cycling, yoga, walking, to dancing with your kids.)
*Add a green leafy salad to your meals
*Stop drinking pop
*Cut out all white sugar
For the next thirty days ( technically I'm a bit late because the challenge was in August but I figured better late than never!)
I'm looking forward to it, especially the smoothies , to be honest I excercise every day , i don't drink pop, and I love a good salad so I don't imagine too much struggling to keep to that bit but... I do have a bit of a sweet that bit may be quite a CHALLENGE! Hopefully the less sugar i have the less i will crave it and the better i'll be for it.
So anyone fancy joining me on this challenge?


  1. What did you put in the smoothie? It looks quite nice....:)

  2. I put in a frozen banana
    Some frozen mixed fruit( kiwi, mango,pomegranate)
    Some water
    An whole orange ( peeled obviously!)
    Couple of handfuls of spinach
    couple of handfuls of chopped kale.

    I blended the fruit first then added the greens and blended again , for a while till it was smooth. It was really nice.

    I made one today and swapped the tropical frozen stuff for raspberries which was lovely but more of a brown colour ( didn't look quite so appetising!)