Friday, 27 August 2010

Creations of the week

Cheating and just posting some pics while i get the chance , what a creative week we've had !

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Holiday part two..

So here we have part two of our hols and what a sight to greet you after being delayed for over 10 hours at the airport..

ok so all is forgiven.

Not all views are quite as magnificent ( oh dear!)
The kids had a go at snorkelling ...and they were so good at it. Sonny in particular was a natural, he must get that from Martin , i just can't do it!! I feel like i'm breathing too fast and i panic that water might go in the end of my snorkel.

The beach was full of beautiful stones , that were collected by the cupful( we didn't have buckets!) and this rather nice one was made into a necklace that was promptly claimed by Sonny.

A teeny tiny gecko , have i ever mentioned that someone rather likes lizards ? Like the smallest dinosaur ever!

We really had a lovely time , it was so beautiful ( Corfu) and relaxing but i found it SOOO HOT! my favourite spot was in the shade under a tree. heaven.

Martin had a go at paragliding, much to Maya's horror, and returned in one piece declaring it an amazing experience.

Its such a shame that its such a long way a way. I really dislike flying, physically and ethically , at least we have some lovely memories and a pic or two to remind us of it even if we don't ever go again.

Friday, 13 August 2010

i love the rain because...

If it didn't rain we wouldn't get beautiful skys like this,

and upon our return from holiday we are greeted with a bounty like this, with plenty more still to come....

and ( actually nothing to do with the rain!) but look what i made !!!!!!!! Whilst on week2 of our hols, helped A LOT by my Mum i had another go at learning to crochet .

and i have so far made one tinky tiny baby bootee for the now 30 week ( cor where did that go?) baba, and a water bottle holder! I'm absolutely loving it, and can now make proper use of the awesome patterns on Ravelery! After i've made bottle holders for Jamie ....and Sonny... and Maya .....

Holiday part one ...

Week one of our holidays was a week in the beautiful Cotswolds with my in laws, you'll have to wait for week 2 because, i can't find the lead for the other camera ! Anyway here is a selection of the best bits, i could have uploaded so many pics but it was taking forever so you just got the highlights!
Weeeeeeeee catch me Daddy.....

Despite it looking rather chilly , the kids absolutely loved the pool , they went in everyday, sometimes twice. Jamies confidence in the water just grew and grew , whilst the others were happy jumping in and playing , jamie practised and pracised his swimming. The better he got the more confident he became and the more confident he became the better he got.

Swimming boy in action.
Before swimming its usually best to do a bit of a warm up ( goggles are helpful apparently!)

Painting in the caravan, Sonny decided he would rather paint on the newspaper than the sketchbook. It worked really well , and we managed the whole week without one painty accident on the table, the chair, the carpet, the sofa etc etc...

The town near to where we were staying was so beautiful, the shops and the houses all seemed to fit in so nicely.

Another few pics from playgrounds i have known and loved ........

Just before we went on holiday we had started getting into geocaching a bit, although without much success. So it was with utter glee that whilst away Martin and the kids ( and Uncle Johnny and Ellie Mai , and sometimes Mummy, Granny, Auntie Laura and Theo) uncovered not one but two different sites with treasure!!!!
How brilliant, whoever came up with the idea of this is onto a winner ,a real life treasure hunt!

Found it !!!!!

Checking out the loot! The children took some gold coins from the first find , and replaced it with some precious article they had taken with them for such purposes. They then swapped their coins for some even more exciting treasure ( a bulldog clip and a little flicker book no less )

Maya wrote a little note in the log book.

A makeshift sling for our mountain ( hill) climbing attempt.

The views from Cleeve Hill were stunning, it was exhilarating climbing up , although i was a tiny teensy bit out of breath and did wonder if i might be going into premature labour ! ( melodramatic ? moi?)

A short break and a satsuma or two later we were ready to begin our descent. Which rather pathetically i found nearly as hard as climbing up.

And finally a blast from the past ....Fimo. Not done this since i was a teenager. It was a resounding success. We made dread beads, mice , golden snitch's

and a rather lovely little figure ...who seems vaguely familiar.....