Sunday, 18 October 2009

A day in the garden

It has been another gorgeous day today . We have spent it outside. We have been, digging, raking, sawing, climbing, running, creating, eating, drinking and laughing.
Following on from the sucess of the wands and fuelled by the excitement of finishing the third Harry Potter book yesterday, Maya Jamie and Sonny decided that they wanted to make some broomsticks. Luckily a couple of our trees have been over enthusiastically 'trimmed' by a kind neighbour so we have a surplus of wood at the minute.

Jamie and Sonny's secret den lurks behind those branches...sssshhh.

Mushrooms in the grass ..oops.

Trimmed tree.


  1. Have just found your lovely blog! Those branches are brilliant, I can imagine how exciting it would be for little children to make dens out of them - I spent a lot of my childhood making dens so can see the appeal!! Beautiful toadstools too, the sign of a nice, natural garden I'd say!

  2. Albeit a rather neglected one ( ahem)

    Charlotte xx