Friday, 29 January 2010

Hair and hats

Ok so only one hat . I had done it with me in mind, then decided would offer it to Jamie but before it was even finished it was spotted my Martin who has pointed out that he doesn't have a nice hat and his head gets cold biking to work.... luckily i have plenty of wool left over ! A bit of a hair update.... the roots are locking up really well now and slowly its heading towards the wispy ends. If it could just get longer now please ...Have also been wondering whether to go back to my natural colour.... do i dare ?

Omega mylkshakes

Here it is mylk. A white as snow , fluffy , packed full of goodness milky drink...with a sort of nutty flavour. Martin really liked it , Sonny really hated it and the rest of us were somewhere inbetween.

I decided to make some mylkshakes with it adding firstly frozen banana and carob powder ( this idea was shamelessly borrowed from Gina here and it was delicious !
Inspired by this success i then made some pink mylk with a frozen banana some frozen raspberries and the omega mylk.....and it was DIVINE!

With all the leftover pulp i decided it seemed a little wasteful to throw it away so i mixed in some carob powder , some gogi berries and some agave nectar , spread it on a baking tray and put it in the oven right at the bottom on the lowest setting until it had gone hard.

Personally i find them a little bitter on their own but they are wonderful with a bit of fruit ( and a splodge of cream..Ahem )

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Food for thought..

I've had lots of foodie inspiration this week here in blogsville , lots more lovely raw recipes to try out . Especially nice when they don't include all kinds of wierd and wonderful ingredients that i don't own yet! Of course not all raw food is complicated, as demonstrated by the youngest member of the family! The children can always help themselves to fruit , and Sonny in particular likes to have it for pretty much every meal. His lunch most days consists of .. an apple , some carrot, some cucumber, some cheese maybe some nuts, maybe some bread , and perhaps an egg. All chosen by him . Mummy is trying to follow by example and have a big ( mostly raw except perhaps for an egg) colourful salad for lunch everyday. Which i have managed since Monday... hhmmn bad habits are hard to break though and a packet of crisps in the cupboard keeps calling to me..
When i eat well all the time i feel inspired to keep eating well but one biscuit for me is never enough....and i inevitably end up eating the lot only to suffer a severe slump in energy not long afterwards. They say junk food is addictive and i really believe sugar is my poison!

For the minute though i am staving off those sugar cravings , reminding myself of all the lovely food i want to fill our little bodies with and tomorrow will be making some Omega Mylk with a little help from Evie's Kitchen . They're are so many gorgeous recipes i want to try but i need to whittle down what few essential goodies we really NEED before i start ordering as they're really not cheap. I'd love a dehydrator as well but think that will have to wait for now.

My lunch was lovely , but think variety will be the key if salad for lunch is a daily occurence , especially if it is to oust boiled egg and soldiers and veggie soup from there spot.

And finally just because it was beautiful.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A selection from the week..

I have finally shaken off the sluggishness ( is that a word?) of a couple of weeks a go , and this has spurred me on to doing lots of ( well a bit) of tidying, sorting and clearing. It seems to have cleared the cobwebs away , mentally and physically.
Its so much nicer to come downstairs in the morning to ready made ( the night before by me) pancake mix, smoothies and a tidy kitchen . A positive way to start the day.

I also now have a wool drawer as opposed to a wool bag ( it was a paper bag that some of the wool came in and had seen better days !) not to mention lots of other nice tidy drawers filled with art and craft stuff. I know this is nothing new for most people , but i'm not the tidiest of gals so its nice to have a proper place for everything.


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pictures from the weekend

I love the snow ( did i mention that ?) so i'm a little bit sad that its all starting to melt now, however we did have lots of fun and memory making while it lasted.

On Saturday we hiked over to the shop complete with sledge and shopping trolley ( note to self : shopping trolleys are difficult to pull when walking over fields in ankle deep snow!) and then were blessed with a gorgeous sunset on the way home.

When we got back ,after a spot of wailing because feet were cold ( Maya) we were warmed by the fire ( and some cocoa.)

" no you can't go on the sledge at the minute........because the trolleys on it thats why..."

All better now X

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I love that my little people love their green smoothies , they don't always embrace the healthiest option ( apart from Sonny who has been known to turn down cake in favour of an apple....are we related?) but they really love their daily dose of green. I love that sometimes there just isn't time for a coat , life is just too exciting, ( even if your mother does keep hovering near by you with a coat...' i'm OK Mummy' )

I love all of these books at the minute , they each inspire me and seem as though they were meant just for me.

I love that my clever little girl loves crafting nearly as much as her Mummy, and that we get to share special time creating together.

And i love my wonderful thoughtful friends who bring round Birthday presents that they have made for me .

My beautiful necklace made by the lovely Kirstie.

This year...

I plan to .....

Be more CALM.. I will not get flustered over small insignificant things.

Be meat free( excluding fish) and use a dairy alternative.

Create more artwork.

Spent at least an hour outdoors with the kids EVERY day.

Encourage the children with more craft ( especially painting....IT DOES NOT MATTER THAT IT MAKES A MESS!)

Try to camp as much as possible .

Practice Yoga at least once a week.

Start running again ( in the spring)

Attempt to eat over 50% of raw food at every meal ( starting in the spring)


Thursday, 7 January 2010


On Monday before the snow came we went for a walk at dusk in the park. Martin had seen the beautiful sun setting whilst biking home from work and suggested a walk before tea. It was beautiful. I love dusk . It was so quiet and peaceful . The children for once seemed really calm and it was so uplifting.

Despite being of the opinion the positive thoughts create positivity and been full of good intentions of being happy and calm instead of stressed and shouty i have really struggled with feeling negative since the new year. Nothing really bad just a bit despondant and ' why do i bother' kind of thing , when i have asked the children to ' please can you put your shoes on ' for the umpteenth time only to be completley ignored when you know very well you have been heard. It doesn't do much for your self esteem to be constantly ignored or shouted at by someone your trying to help. Although maybe i'm guilty of that too.

This lovely walk seemed to help everyone feel more connected, with each other and give me the positive lift i needed .

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Catching up

Christmas day