Saturday, 21 February 2015

New year new house!

We have finally moved house! It was as traumatic a day as I was expecting but not really for the reasons I was expecting. Anyhoo without having to relive the whole exhaustive experience WE HAVE A LOVELY NEW HOUSE. And it feels great. Like a weight has been lifted. We got rid of a lot of clutter and unwanted 'stuff' and so it feels like now we just have things we really want or need. It feels fab... So lets have a little glimpse of things shall we....
One ( thats right there are 3!!) of the fabulous 'new to us' lights that are in the house.
'yes they did leave them' 'yes i like that one best too' 'yes they are very me aren't they!'
Look organised shelves! How long will that last? This room is rather grandly being referred to as the 'study'

 Ok so there not actually veeery good shots for actually showing the whole of a room, but its quite tricky to get whole rooms into a pic and its the little details that make it anyway.

So not long after we'd moved in, and after we'd discovered a gas leak and had that repaired, and after we'd had the car radiator leak and also had that repaired, we went here.....

Mum ( that's me) really did go to Iceland! Sorry I felt the whole Iceland joke really needed a mention. We stayed in an apartment in Reykjavik for a week. It was spectacular! When we arrived the weather was cold and a bit rainy, rather like England, and in the course of a week we experience pretty much every weather condition you can think of ( ok not a heatwave, and no tornados, typhoons etc ) ranging for blazing sun to a blizzardy whiteout, from 5 degrees to -14 in the space of a couple of days. 
We visited the Blue lagoon, and outside thermal spas, we explored the Golden circle and saw waterfalls and geysers that took my breath away. We saw sunrises and sunsets, we sketched, we wrote, we played card games, we crocheted ( well that was just me ;)  ) and had a bloody marvellous time!  

Apologies for the large number of showy off pics, but it really was brilliant and we might never go again, so I fully intend to make the most of the experience! A rather nice start to 2015.