Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Happy Birthday Sonny Sunshine!!!

My littlest lovely is 4 today . HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little man!!!
Super love you more than a million dinosaurs!!

Spring has sprung

Our seedlings have started to come up , yay! Unfortunately i have forgotten what one of the trays of seedlings are ( that'll teach me not to label them ) and blogger has decided that we can only look at them on their side.

Sonny made some animals out of his ' snippings ' obviously the top one is a shark and the other one is a turtle!
And those of us that weren't doing snippings were going to karate and getting their new karate suits! And once you have a new WHITE karate suit ( that look like they might not stay everso white for long and will almost definately require ironing . huh.) it is compulsory to run around in the MUDDY garden pretending to be Karate Kid.

Terra has also been very busy laying her first , rather sweet little white egg!

Friday, 26 March 2010

The best use for baths...

Sailing paper boats in of course!

Season swap

Our lovely season swap made my the talented Talie with a small helper or two. The childrens eyes lit up when they saw the package. I didn't get chance to photograph the complete package as the chocolate bunnies were kidnapped and eaten before i got the chance!

There was also a beautiful picture of some crocus' by a very talented little artist which you can just see on the season table.

a little spring faerie made by Sonny ( with a bit of help from Maya !)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunny Sunday

How lovely to wake up and find its a lovely spring day and the world is your oyster. After a bit of debating what to do we put the bikes on the van packed some food and set off for the day, ( well the afternoon actually because getting up on a Sunday is not a rushed affair!) We went to a nearby (ish) country park where there is plenty of space for bike riding, climbing, shouting, chasing , sitting ( me) laying on a bench ( me again) and just being outside.

The gorse provided a lovely burst of colour....don't touch it Mummy its prickly!

And of course its always best when you sit down to take your shoes and socks off.

Spring equinox and new chickens

Saturday began , by discovering three little chickens on the season table. They were instantly hidden away in little hands and pockets.A quick donning of socks and wellies later we went to see what was to be found in the garden,

OH! A golden egg! With chick inside ...and ...chocolate.....OOOOHHH!

A bit of grafting in the rain to get the chickens run super fox proof for the new arrivals

New chicken , a white star named Terra ( short for Pterodayctl or however it is you spell it!)

New chicken , a gold ranger named Brook

Monday, 15 March 2010


I feel like all my ideals are slipping at the minute. I feel really tired and sick and everything seems like such a lot of effort. I'm happy and everyone else is good too ....but i just feel sooooo lethargic and uninterested.
In a twist of irony my body also seems to be craving the crappiest, junkiest , rubbish foods devoid of all vitamins and goodness and i have given in :-(

A green smoothie has not passed my lips for days and days and salad seems like a distant memory. I have no doubt that were i eating fresh living vibrant healthy food i would no doubt feel tonnes better for it but it the thought is quite unappetising. And don't get me started on fizzy drinks, something i previously hardly ever drank now i can't get enough. I have even started eating meat again too. So i need to TRY harder! Not just in the food area too, with tiredness comes more car use , more TV, and more inactivity..

I will try to..

Have at least one smoothie a day green or otherwise .

When the junk is gone DON'T BUY MORE!!!!

Walk to places i can get to without the car.

Turn the tv off

Ok so its only a VERY small list but i think at the minute it is to eay to fail so baby steps and all!

Hopefully the better diet and more excersise will give me my mojo back and once i'm past the first trimester things should perk up a bit more.
Anyway on a more positive note here are a few pics from the weekend . And a VERY lovely it weekend it was too!!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

An inspiring read

Check out this excellent giveaway on Gina's blog . http://ourunschooledfamily.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-giveaway-mother-magazine.html

The Mother is an inspiring read and needs people to keep subscribing to keep going.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Elvis has left the building...

Ok so now Elvis and the Boo Boo chicken are dead. BLOODY FOX got in their run ( its all enclosed so i don't even know how?!) and they are gone !!!! Feathers and a bit of blood are all thet remain.

Luckily Cuddly is still ok as she was in disgrace in the new coop. Now i don't want to put her back in the old one cos it obviously isn't safe .....AAaaaarrrggghhh . Now what ? I think we will have to redo the run and make it more secure.

I suspect the kids will not be impressed . Huh! Well that makes two of us then

fucking fox

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Elvis isn't dead.

She's living in our garden. Meet Elvis and The Boo Boo Chicken. Elvis is the grey one , the Boo Boo Chicken is the one cowering near the nesting box! We went to get some new chickens on Saturday . Left them in the coop to get used to it then at bed time opened the hatch so that they could meet their new house mate...Cuddly Blue...aka one naughty chicken! Cuddly Blue has , since Saturday, made her sole purpose in life to harrass the new chickens to death. Not just the odd ' i'm the boss around here' kind of a peck but proper full on i'm going to fight you to the death harrasment. Hence Cuddly's new coop for the next couple of days. Its got a couple of levels but its not the roomiest of spaces so hopefully after a couple of days separation she will have calmed down enough to be reintroduced to the new chickens. Hopefully the new chickens will also feel brave enough to come out of the coop and not feel the need to cower with their bottoms in the air in a nesting box!

This week we've also done some painting and some planting . After painting a picture of a cat for him my little lovely exclaimed ' Oh Mummy you make my heart feel so happy!' ....... take that Enid Blyton!

Mothers ( and fathers) meeting

Finally got round to uploading these!Another meet up with some green mama's ( and a dadda) at one of my favourite places. The sun shone and it was warm when we sat in it and snacked, but it was ruddy cold in the shade!

We actually sat for rather a long time in the sun, eating and chatting, discussing knitting, crochet food swapping . The children ran back and forth , hid in caves, poked in holes, splashed in puddles, peered through a magnifying glass ( thanks Morgan) and generally had a rather lovely time .