Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Thanks to a course Martin has recently been on, we now own , felting stuff! Nothing as grand as a needle but a mat , some mesh, some wool , and most importantly some felting know how ( and just incase we forget a set of instructions)
Martin experimented with making some bits on his course ( he's an art teacher) , mainly felt balls and sort of dreadlock type things. Everything he has made so far has been cut in half to see what the inside looked like ( so thats were Jamie gets it from) This lovely felt type dreadie was made into a real dreadie when i sewed it into my hair, you can't really tell on the pic but it adds a nice bit of colour. The process seems very similar to dreading, trying to get the fibres to lock together, rolling away.

This was one of the aforementioned balls. It was too beautiful just to be left so i sliced one of the halves again and sewed some hair grips to the back of them.
Matching Mummy and Maya hair slides.

I think Maya manages to pull the look off a bit more successfully!


  1. I'd love to try felting, it always looks a lot of fun!! I love the hairslide!!

  2. I love the felt dread - looks cool. I've only been experimenting with felting for a short while but it's great fun.

    (GP mama x)