Monday, 5 October 2009

Feeling crafty

When i was younger I loved doing crafty things, anything involving, glue, paint, material, just mess in general really. This led in a roundabout sort of way to me going to art college and then on to a fine art degree. Far from making me more creative this really left me feeling ( at the end of my degree) as though every last ounce of creativity had gone from me.

Towards the end it seemed to be more about how much you could bulls**t rather than any artistic talent you may have posessed. Crafty things were really just the lowest of the low!

It has taken me ten years to feel like it might just be ok for me to make something/ draw something/paint something and not have to justify it to anyone! I did it because I wanted to and it looks good!

So here are a couple of the things I have been making recently ( for my nieces birthdays ) I have really enjoyed it and feel for the first time in ages that i might actually have a little bit of creativity left. Maybe if i nuture it a bit who knows where it will lead me!


  1. I think they look great; it's really quite hard to be proud of things you've made and to value them. It's important that you like them, and lovely if someone else agrees!

  2. Thanks! *blush * *simper*
    I think its so easy to see all the faults when you make something, you know all of the bits that didn't go quite as you wanted!
    Nice to know everyone else doesn't see them!
    Charlotte xx