Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Now where were we?

I am finally back at a computer that works, we got back to our house on New years eve but due to a very foolish incident ( involving Bohemian rhapsody , some headbanging , a toy box , a drink and some lost balance) the computer was out of action for couple of days!

We have had a wonderful Yule , Christmas , Birthday and New year. We have seen family, eaten wonderful meals, stayed up late , laughed , cried, argued, danced, played and sat in the car for rather a long time .

The children have loved seeing all their beloved grandparents , Aunties, Uncles , cousins and friends and in general have got on with each other really well.... of course their has been the odd day where they have fought with each other from the moment they got up till the moment they went to bed, driving me absolutely potty in between!!

I have lots of ideas and resolutions that i want to try and stick to in the new year but haven't really finished thinking about them yet ( does that make sense? I want them to be things i'll stick to and that i want to do rather than things i 'should' do )

Here are some rather late pictures ( slightly higgldy piggldy as i have unsucessfully attemped a different layout) of our Yule. They're are lots more pics to follow from Christmas etc but i haven't worked out how to get the pictures off my lovely new camera yet! Some things never change!

Boiled eggs for breakfast with bucks fizz for the grown ups!

Our advent tree nearly finished.

Our beautiful season swap goodies made by the lovely Sarah and handdelivered too! They were very much appreciated although the robin has been stolen and is currently residing in a dinosaur valley!

Maya doing her Yule gift ( a little toy to sew)

We ended our day by watching a film in front of the fire. The children watched a christmas one ( forgotten the name ) that Martin had seen as a child, and then when they went to bed we ( well me ) snivelled and sobbed our way through It's a Wonderful Life. Perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas!! I'm still thinking about my resolutions too. Pointless trying to be something I'm not (ie, less anxious, more relaxed blah de blah). I love the photo of your little one sewing, such concentration!