Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I love that my little people love their green smoothies , they don't always embrace the healthiest option ( apart from Sonny who has been known to turn down cake in favour of an apple....are we related?) but they really love their daily dose of green. I love that sometimes there just isn't time for a coat , life is just too exciting, ( even if your mother does keep hovering near by you with a coat...' i'm OK Mummy' )

I love all of these books at the minute , they each inspire me and seem as though they were meant just for me.

I love that my clever little girl loves crafting nearly as much as her Mummy, and that we get to share special time creating together.

And i love my wonderful thoughtful friends who bring round Birthday presents that they have made for me .

My beautiful necklace made by the lovely Kirstie.


  1. Love the green juice mustache :-D What a lovely post :-D

  2. wish mine would drink green smoothies :-( no such luck!!!