Friday, 29 January 2010

Hair and hats

Ok so only one hat . I had done it with me in mind, then decided would offer it to Jamie but before it was even finished it was spotted my Martin who has pointed out that he doesn't have a nice hat and his head gets cold biking to work.... luckily i have plenty of wool left over ! A bit of a hair update.... the roots are locking up really well now and slowly its heading towards the wispy ends. If it could just get longer now please ...Have also been wondering whether to go back to my natural colour.... do i dare ?


  1. They're looking lovely :D Mine finally seem to be locking up and getting less wispy. I love your blonde dreads, keep thinking about dying mine my natural dark brown - but maybe not?!?!

  2. I LOVE your dreds they're gorgeous but I have to admit I have gone from being a blond for the last 20 odd years to my natural light brown colour n people keep saying I look younger :)
    sue x

  3. go the natural colour, I reckon :)