Friday, 29 January 2010

Omega mylkshakes

Here it is mylk. A white as snow , fluffy , packed full of goodness milky drink...with a sort of nutty flavour. Martin really liked it , Sonny really hated it and the rest of us were somewhere inbetween.

I decided to make some mylkshakes with it adding firstly frozen banana and carob powder ( this idea was shamelessly borrowed from Gina here and it was delicious !
Inspired by this success i then made some pink mylk with a frozen banana some frozen raspberries and the omega mylk.....and it was DIVINE!

With all the leftover pulp i decided it seemed a little wasteful to throw it away so i mixed in some carob powder , some gogi berries and some agave nectar , spread it on a baking tray and put it in the oven right at the bottom on the lowest setting until it had gone hard.

Personally i find them a little bitter on their own but they are wonderful with a bit of fruit ( and a splodge of cream..Ahem )

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  1. I've been nut buying today. Just need a blender now!!!!!