Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Food for thought..

I've had lots of foodie inspiration this week here in blogsville , lots more lovely raw recipes to try out . Especially nice when they don't include all kinds of wierd and wonderful ingredients that i don't own yet! Of course not all raw food is complicated, as demonstrated by the youngest member of the family! The children can always help themselves to fruit , and Sonny in particular likes to have it for pretty much every meal. His lunch most days consists of .. an apple , some carrot, some cucumber, some cheese maybe some nuts, maybe some bread , and perhaps an egg. All chosen by him . Mummy is trying to follow by example and have a big ( mostly raw except perhaps for an egg) colourful salad for lunch everyday. Which i have managed since Monday... hhmmn bad habits are hard to break though and a packet of crisps in the cupboard keeps calling to me..
When i eat well all the time i feel inspired to keep eating well but one biscuit for me is never enough....and i inevitably end up eating the lot only to suffer a severe slump in energy not long afterwards. They say junk food is addictive and i really believe sugar is my poison!

For the minute though i am staving off those sugar cravings , reminding myself of all the lovely food i want to fill our little bodies with and tomorrow will be making some Omega Mylk with a little help from Evie's Kitchen . They're are so many gorgeous recipes i want to try but i need to whittle down what few essential goodies we really NEED before i start ordering as they're really not cheap. I'd love a dehydrator as well but think that will have to wait for now.

My lunch was lovely , but think variety will be the key if salad for lunch is a daily occurence , especially if it is to oust boiled egg and soldiers and veggie soup from there spot.

And finally just because it was beautiful.

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