Thursday, 21 January 2010

A selection from the week..

I have finally shaken off the sluggishness ( is that a word?) of a couple of weeks a go , and this has spurred me on to doing lots of ( well a bit) of tidying, sorting and clearing. It seems to have cleared the cobwebs away , mentally and physically.
Its so much nicer to come downstairs in the morning to ready made ( the night before by me) pancake mix, smoothies and a tidy kitchen . A positive way to start the day.

I also now have a wool drawer as opposed to a wool bag ( it was a paper bag that some of the wool came in and had seen better days !) not to mention lots of other nice tidy drawers filled with art and craft stuff. I know this is nothing new for most people , but i'm not the tidiest of gals so its nice to have a proper place for everything.



  1. Very very lovely ordinary life photos. :) What a happy place a busy kitchen is!

  2. Beautiful home, gorgeous kids, lots of lovely homliness, so warm and cosy.