Thursday, 7 January 2010


On Monday before the snow came we went for a walk at dusk in the park. Martin had seen the beautiful sun setting whilst biking home from work and suggested a walk before tea. It was beautiful. I love dusk . It was so quiet and peaceful . The children for once seemed really calm and it was so uplifting.

Despite being of the opinion the positive thoughts create positivity and been full of good intentions of being happy and calm instead of stressed and shouty i have really struggled with feeling negative since the new year. Nothing really bad just a bit despondant and ' why do i bother' kind of thing , when i have asked the children to ' please can you put your shoes on ' for the umpteenth time only to be completley ignored when you know very well you have been heard. It doesn't do much for your self esteem to be constantly ignored or shouted at by someone your trying to help. Although maybe i'm guilty of that too.

This lovely walk seemed to help everyone feel more connected, with each other and give me the positive lift i needed .


  1. Sounds like just what you needed (and what I need too but still recovering from a cold so maybe not just yet)! Can really sympathise with not being listened to as well xxx

  2. Those photographs are stunning, especially the last one, it's worth framing!! I've been feeling very "What's the pointish" since Chrismtas if it's any help. I can't seem to get motivation to do even the things I WANT to do and feel quite snappy and tired. And when just poking your nose out of the back door means gloves and hats and wellies and coats and then puddles of melt-water five minutes later, it makes everything so much more difficult!! Sounds like your walk helped you though and I can see why with views like that!! Best wishes xxxx

  3. Thanks naomi and pippa, i think the more i get outside and the better food i eat the bettter i feel, its just getting past the fighting with yourself over what you KNOW will help you feel better but not wanting to IYKWIM.
    Also have read a really good article today in Juno about stress in children and how when they are hypersensitive to sound and they're are other things going on they literally ' shut off' to any tone percieved to be negative . Makes me feel better to think they're not deliberatly ignoring me!

    Charlotte xx