Sunday, 20 December 2009

The power of positive thinking!

I spotted it through a chink in the curtains , as i turned out the light and was kissing the children goodnight. Needless to say the children didn't go to bed straight away as Mummy had flung open the curtains and was jumping round the bedroom with glee ( a little overexcited perhaps ?)
After some jumping up and down on the bed , some looking out of the front door , some singing and dancing later we tried again with the goodnight kisses . Two little boys rushed to great me ,as i stepped outside, with shouts of ' look Mummy we found a diamond!'

The poor old chickens were a bit scared of the snow at first , although Snowdrop managed to overcome her fear to help herself to a little snack.

After we came inside the boys made some turtles from the satsumas and nuts. Its is a wonder that there were any left to make things with as we have been managing to get through a bag of oranges a day at the minute ( which seems really excessive but works out at about two a day each on average ... and they are very yummy and good for us..excuses excuses)

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  1. Lovely, happy photos! We're munching our way through masses of oranges too. I just love 'em!!