Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A walk in the woods

We met up with another Gp Mama(and Baba) today and went for a walk in the woods . I hadn't been to this particular bit of the woods before but they were beautiful!
Sonny had been unimpressed with the idea of leaving the house this morning.
' i'm playing'
' the park is cold'
'anyway, i want to stay here'
' i'm not listening to you Mummy'
However as soon as we got there you couldn't have met a more happy and content child , he looked at trees, watched squirrels, poked fungi, collected leaves, drank pumpkin soup, and told of the virtues of having your own chickens( lovely blue eggs)
We are looking forward to going again , albeit wearing TWO pairs of socks next time!
And we timed it nicely as this was what happened when we got home.


  1. That looked like fun, I love the den made of sticks!

  2. It was brilliant! although sadly we can't claim any credit for it as we stumbled upon it in the woods, what a find eh!

    Charlotte xx