Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My name is Charlotte and I can't knit!

I am a knitting novice, i did learn when i was a child but promptly forgot how as soon as i lost interest.
Spurred on by pictures of gorgeous knitted items , made by lovely talented knitters i decided it was worth a second go. My Mum gave me some wool and some needles and showed me how to do a knit stitch and a purl stitch, and of i went gripping on to the needles for dear life.
I managed a few rows alternating between the two stitches ( not intentionally either) before i had to stop because my hands hurt from holding the needles too tightly! Undeterred i decided to have another go, i got a book out the library and was determined to knit Maya a scarf for Christmas. However.. first i would have to learn to cast on .....so last night once the children were in bed i had a go...
OMG...It was so difficult, i looked at the book , i watched 3 videos, i swore , i cried ( well no tears more of a hissy fit actually) i proclaimed that i couldn't do it. And then i pulled myself together!
And this is what i did.

I DID IT!!!! This may look like the most pathetic little inch of knitting to you clever knitters out there but i am sooo proud of it.And i love doing it , already it is strangley addictive watching it grow. Hopefully by Christmas it will have grown MUCH bigger.


  1. Well done you! I DO know exactly how you feel - that was me almost exactly a year ago and it is amazing how quickly you will progress from there. Prepare to be addicted!

  2. I loved the title of your post so just had to read on. Well done on your persistence. I took up knitting again a few years ago after giving up as a child and remember the frustration. Once the basics are there, there'll be no stopping you.

  3. Well done! I've just gotten back into knitting and I'm addicted!

  4. Well done!
    I learnt to knit as a child (just straight lines!) and started again when I was pregnant with Poppy. She is 17 mths old now, and I think I can more or less knit anything now. or at least make a reasonable attempt.
    It is addictive - before you know it you will have a wool stash spilling out of your cupboard.

  5. thats really good, my first atempt is full of holes and im now trying to learn how to cast off so your not alone in the virgin knitting club!

  6. Well i'm very encouraged as you are all EXCELLENT knitters!

    It is nearly 20cms long now, wahoo!!

  7. I saw your title on a friends blog and was curious. I totally agree with how frustrating it can be. I, like you, learnt a bit as a child and over the summer took it up again. My mom had to patiently sit and unpick some of my knitting when I got too frustrated to do it myself. But it's amazing how quickly you'll pick it up. I agree with some of the other comments, it's totally addictive, and I have to ban myself from buying more wool, until I actually need it! Good luck with it!