Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Glittery days and dark nights

We have been very busy today making some more decorations for the advent tree. I decided this year to do away with the horrible chocolate calendars and make 24 little decorations to hang on a little tree ( or perhaps a branch...ok so i haven't found anything yet but i will!) And every day the children will take it in turns to get a decoration ( and perhaps something small and yummy that isn't crappy chocolate) out of a little set of drawers that have also been given a seasonal facelift.
The children have all helped to make things for it , Maya has sewn some felt decorations , Jamie snipped some snowflakes and Sonny was in charge of all things glittery .
I did wonder if perhaps i was being a bit mean making them take it in turns , after all i never had to take turns ( only child) with my advent calendar . And it was my favourite part of Christmas , opening those tiny little doors to see what kitsch little picture was hiding there. Was it a robin? a present? an angel? And then the ultimate ....the double door on day 24! I keep them for months afterwards just so i could close the doors and start all over again. But then if i'd only opened one every third day maybe it would have been even more exciting ! Hmmn we'll see.

Those odd looking shapes on the back are Sonny's rather unconventional snowflakes , which i think look beautiful despite having control freakery issues about them ( me not him!)

And while this was happening inside this was happening outside.

I know a lot of people really struggle with shorter days , when the nights draw in , everything colder and the world seems to turn inward a bit.
I really love it though...all of it...the dark nights , the dark mornings, the cold weather, rain, wind, snow...ESPECIALLY snow . I appreciate that unlike those poor people in Cumbria (who especially DON'T love all those things at the minute) I've never been in a situation where i have been at the mercy of the elements, but i love the cold wintry weather none the less and can think of no better sound than the rain on my windows.

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