Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Cheeky hens

We have had our three little chickens for exactly eight months today. Thats seven months of gorgeous , free , golden yolked , eggs .Mmmmmmmmm. Luckily everybody likes eggs ( although some more than others!) and we manage quite easily to get through our three a day. Although we are now throughly spoilt , when we were on holiday you could noticably tell the difference between the shop bought ( organic free range) and ones from our own chickens. The yolks ( on the shop bought) seemed so pale and not nearly as tasty. Makes you wonder exactly how ' free range 'they really are. Cuddly blue ( named by Sonny)
Cornelia ( brown one , Jamies) Snowdrop ( white one ! Maya's )
All of the children really love having the chickens (Well if i'm honest Maya prefers to admire from afar!) but Sonny REALLY loves them , he takes them treats , he picks them up, he brings them in the house..' take her back in the garden !! ' And he tells everyone that Cuddly is HIS chicken. Getting chickens really has been a brilliant experience for everyone but especially my little lover of all things living!

Thanks girls!

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  1. Lovely post, and one I can especially relate to today, the day on which Mabel perched on my arm, sat happily for a cuddle and ventured into the kitchen for the first time ever. She is certainly the pioneer of our 3. They are such fun!