Thursday, 22 April 2010


I am back on track ! Out with the junk in with the proper food. Green smoothie and cornflakes for brekkie, yummy big salad for lunch with some water ( just water not fizzy or anything) some home made soda bread, some frozen raspberries, omlette and salad for tea with fresh orange juice followed by fresh pineapple and not a single biscuit or chocolate bar or fizzy drink in sight.
I feel loads better, probably mainly because those first sicky feelings have passed but surely partly because i'm eating fresh living foods. I've actually had a headache today ( a sure sign that my body is detoxing the rubbish) anyone got any natural remedies to help? I've held off the painkillers and been glugging water in a bid to flush out toxins but any advice is appreciated!

Soda bread, because i'm just not organised enough to coordinate normal bread making( or more accurately bread being ready to eat) and mealtimes.

Sonny demonstrating the correct way to play his guitar , note Sonny lovely new haircut that he has done himself!!
Me: Have you cut your hair?
Sonny: Yes
Me: Why did you do that?
Sonny : It was in my eyes!
Well you can't say fairer than that i suppose.

13 weeks
I am so proud of this tiny bump. I love the pregnant form and the way the body changes. I can't wait to feel those first tiny flutters. I'm really trying to treasure every moment of this pregnancy , and seeing that little bump reminds me what a gift i have been given.

And this was a little visitor to our garden this evening. Isn't he lovely? What i want to know is who threw a piece of my lovely , very yummy soda bread under a bush in the first place !!


  1. Lovely photos, great haircut, cute mouse and a lovely bump :-)

  2. You are looking great :) Try 1/2 tsp of ground ginger in an inch or so of water for headaches. Just get it down your neck fast, tastes horrible :( but works :) sarie

  3. Thankyou :-) going to give that a go ! Sure it can't taste much worse than paracetamol ;-)