Friday, 16 April 2010

Maya's pictures

Another sunny day today and Maya took to the garden with my camera.
It has been so warm today and the children have been outside for most of it , making up little games , bouncing on the trampoline, watering plants, arguing, ignoring Mummy ( a regular day for them then) Despite the lovely weather i have been in a foul hormonal grump all day they has now only subsided now that the children are in bed ! ( horrible mummy)

This was a little ant nest/hole that i stumbled across whilst planting the strawberries, that Maya photographed.
And these little ladies are Sonny's new hamsters. At the moment they are called ice and cream, but this will probably have changed again by tomorrow.

' Mummy i've taken a totally brilliant photo !' ( nothing like blowing your own trumpet eh!)


  1. You got some more chickens - yay!

  2. Isn't if fab seeing what photos kiddies take, they seem things we never would :-)

  3. Love to see the photos children take, image from their world x
    Hope you're feeling "brighter" today :-)