Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More Trash makes

This year Trashrevamp ( the business i'm involved with , with the lovely Kirstie and Heather) are running a stall at our favourite festival , Off The Tracks ( a folk fest in Castle Donnington) in May. I'm really looking forward to it , and so have been experimenting with more candles to take with us . Revamped from old bottles and wax. The gold was painted on but the white sun is engraved. Its the first time i have tried that and i quite like the results .

The middle one obviously needs the wax adding still. We've ( me and Martin ) also been experimenting with garden torches made from old wine bottles cut in half then mounted upside down on a bamboo cane, bunged and filled with wax...making any sense ..perhaps easier if i include a picture next time. I'm still not a hundred percent happy with the finish though so will have to persevere with trial and error i think .


  1. how did you cut out the middle?

  2. With quite a lot of effort! ;-)

  3. Very pretty! Love the gold one. :)