Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Easter Pics

Ready ...steady .... Some of us were rather excited about not only the arrival of our cousins, Auntie , Uncle and Grandparents but a certain easter morning event.
I made then all a little bag to collect their eggs in , which were * almost * more popular than the eggs themselves.

We had a fabulous weekend , the culmination being the very lovely roast dinner cooked by Martin, John and Andrew. It was obviously the nicest meal i have eaten . Ever. After lunch we went to a really nice play area/ meadow that has apparently been just round the corner from us since we moved in ....6 years ago. I felt a bit despondant when i thought of all the times we have driven to the park. Equally lovely but a drive , when this lovely little place was there all along. To be fair it isn't signposted and you have to go through a housing estate so if you didn't know ......
Anyway i forgot the camera so there are no pictures of said lovely area, i'm sure we will return again though. The family left on Monday and then we began our little road trip.

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