Monday, 12 April 2010

Sonny's Birthday

And finally the pictures from someone's birthday that was *ahem* 2 weeks ago now! Martin woke up first and said to a fast asleep boy , ' Sonny?' ........' What!' ......'Do you know what day it is today?' que small child sitting bolt upright in bed with a huge squeal of excitement.......' IT'S MY BIRTHDAY !!!!'
He had already started opening presents by the time i put my slippers on and went downstairs ( after waking Maya and Jamie of course)

Mummy this one is from you isn't it cos there's wool on it !

A little owl i knitted for my favourite four year old who rather likes owls ( and dinosaurs ...did i mention the dinosaurs....that were nearly every other present ...and the cake ...and a t.shirt)
After a rather dinosaury day when Daddy came home from work we went out for tea ( golden arches! Not my choice ..but not my birthday) and then to the cinema to see Alice in Wonderland. Sonny didn't really like the 3d glasses but rather liked the jaberwocky and was rooting for him all the way through..he was less than impressed when Alice won !

We returned home to dinosaur cake and rather a lot of mess. That is how all the best birthdays end though you know !


  1. Cute cake too! Jenna has demanded that I make Rowan a cat lol.