Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Age of stupid

I watched the Age of Stupid last night. It is a brilliant film. For those who haven't seen it is told from a futuristic point of view by Pete Postlethwaite who is pondering why nobody ( well the masses) did nothing about climate change while they had the chance. It was really moving and shocking. It didn't really tell me anything i didn't already know apart from reiterate how STUPID some people really are ( If you've seen the film i'm particularly talking about the ignorant little group in Bedfordshire!!)
It really made me think how some of my own ideals have slipped a bit , little things really, but they all add up. It has made me think about some personal ...goals? targets? ....sounds a bit business like ..aspirations maybe that i would like to stick to for next year ( or for a lot of them the remainder of this year too!)

Try to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce ( we already recycle everything that is recycleable and compost , but still seem to have a lot of rubbish) Obviously i need to be super vigilant on what is coming into the house!

Try to eat seasonally ( again we do this to an extent but find it quite hard when the children love fruit like banana's oranges and grapes .......Ok so i rather like them too) Perhaps allow one different type of unseasonal fruit a week?

Use the car less as a family .....all of these things seem a lot easier in the summer!

Make more toys , clothes , cards etc... generally anything i can really.

Keep an art journal , do more art crafts stuff ...on a adult level

Spread the word ( i find this quite embarrassing at times ...nobody wants their friend to start preaching at them why they shouldn't drive their car round the corner ...or why Fruitshoots are not the best thing since sliced bread, but maybe i can encourage other in more positive ways ...hhmmn may require more thought on this one!)

Eat more living foods, we do quite a bit of this but then some of this clashes with point no.2

Not easy this is it??!

Finally a nice pic of the garden to finish off , beautiful green and damp ( if a little overgrown ...hey tidy gardens aren't my thing )
If you haven't seen the film it's definately worth a view if only so you can recommend it to people who think it's not worth bothering!


  1. will check it out as soon as possible, i also have been thinking about changing our plans in the new year but so much i want to do, it really takes some thinking about doesnt it xx and as for spreading the word, how to approach it , people already think my views are a bit weird so i need to really think about it xx thanks for your inspiration x

  2. I'l have to watch the film too! I'm also going to start the new year really making sure that our family treads much lighter on our already over burdened lovely world.

    sue xx