Tuesday, 1 December 2009

One cold and frosty morning..

Well if it's not going to snow then the next best thing's a heavy frost. Sparkly and crisp and white. What a wonderful sight to wake up to ( even if it was a tad chilly going down the garden to let the chickens out!)

The very first decoration was taken from the top drawer and hung on the tree ( I have massively cheated on this one , i couldn't find a branch with enough ..well branches to hang things on so i brought the Rosemary tree in from the garden. It works though AND it makes the room smell nice too , bonus )
Small small choclately loveliness was taken from the other top drawer and inhaled.
And a tiny little door was opened on the sparkly cardboard calendar that Mummy bought from the shop yesterday in a fit of nostalgia ( I couldn't resist )

Oh and i finished Maya's scarf and have already started on the arm warmers! Wahoo!!

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  1. I love those frosty pictures! We haven't had any frost yet in South Lincs (unless it was all thawed by the time I got out of bed!!) I like the little dolly in the last pic too!