Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Another one done

This is the latest addition to be added to the handmade Christmas i am aiming for. I am rather pleased with her and hopefully Maya will rather like her too. I am loving making presents this year, its the first year i have seriously undertaken making things as gifts. So far we have a dolly a scarf and some ( nearly) finished arm warmers for Maya, a decorated candle for my Mum, a set of decorated candles for MIL, some fairy playdough for a little friend, and some lanterns for teachers and friends. Hmmn seems more than that when i think of it all ...oh well

Still to do is , a sock monkey for Jamie, a frilled dragon ( lizard) for Sonny, some wrapping paper, ( everyone) Oh and some stockings . I really wanted to make something for Martin but i've really hit a brick wall. He doesn't need or want gloves, hat , scarf or socks. I'm a bit stumped i did think maybe a decorated glass...but now i'm not sure.
Any ideas?


  1. If he likes to write you could decorate a journal for him in a masculine way.If he wears earthy necklaces or surfie necklaces then you could make something like that as well.A keyring for house and / or car keys.A little book of IOU's like a back rub, massage, favourite meal cooked ect....depends on the type of thing he likes but thats a few:)

  2. I love the dolly!!

    How about a writing set, you can find lots of nice clipart on the internet to decorate sheets of A5 paper with, or use rubber stamps etc. Boys are quite tricky to make for sometimes I think. Mine certainly are anyway!

  3. Thank you , he does enjoy drawing so perhaps a sketch book/ journal.

    Pippa glad you like the dolly ; -)

    Charlotte x