Monday, 12 July 2010

Dreads one year on....

So my dreads have gone from this at 1 week.......

to this at one year !!!!!!!!

Shorter , fatter , blonder ( obviously they had a bit of help with that last one!) they have changed so much. But there has never been a moment i've regretted them .
Its been quite a journey , there have been times when i've loved them and times when i not loved them so much... but it is a journey and an ongoing on at that. I used to wash my hair EVERY day otherwise it felt so greasy and looked awful but now i only wash it when i want to , which can range from anything from a week to a month . I've used one solid shampoo bar this year compared to god knows how many bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Not to mention time and water saved in the shower.

At the minute i like them .. although they are quite a lot shorter than i'd like , and i'm still abit torn about the colour...i like it but bleach is bleach maybe Henna is the way forward ...hhmmmn not sure it'd suit me.

Wonder what they'll look like next year ?


  1. they're looking great! Must dig out some photo's of mine to compare how much they've changed in their first year. I've never regretted mine either but there have been times i've not liked them very much. In desperate need of a little TLC.

    Yours are looking really tight and unfuzzy... my roots are a mess :-(

    and I love the blonde... I ♥ blonde dreads

  2. Thanks Polly :0)
    My roots are still messy just not showing up cos i'd only just coloured them ;-)

    Love your red dreads too..the grass is always greener isnt it!

    Thank you xxx and go for that purple!! Or failing that maybe you could casually sneak some dreads in one at time ;-)

  3. Looking fab! Loving the beads etc you put in them :-)