Saturday, 17 July 2010

Swings and roundabouts

The week started well enough , nothing particularly unusual happened , then as it progressed it seemed to get worse and worse . Now in the grander scheme of things everything is fairly minor , everyone is well , we are not homeless , we have food to eat. However in the pregnant hormonal hate this kind of thing way everything went tits up.
We have had a failed MOT hence muchos money to the garage, the day after car came back with new MOT the battery failed, the head broke off the shower, i had to walk with sonny to the midwife and back from playgroup ( a two hour round journey ..ok so it wouldn't take a normal person that long but i was achey and he was tired!) I then had to ring two different companies (naturally being left on hold for quite some time!) to find out if they would allow me to fly in a fortnights time ( holiday ) . After charging the battery on the car , the next morning it is flat agin , hence more phonecalls to the garage plus TWO yes TWO trips to the garage within an hour , afterbeing told it was a loose terminal ( it wasn't) going to pick up a prescription ( Thrush ...just what i need) and coming out to find the battery flat AGAIN ..AArgh. Finally get battery sorted then come home to find letter informing us our tax credits are being stopped due to an overpayment 3 years ago. fuckers. Hence lots of swears and some crying for good measure.

But..that was yesterday and today we have forgotton all the horriblness ( and are a bit embarassed by said swearing crying outbursts ) so are being grateful for loveliness that has happened this week. bounty from the garden , i feel we may be having courgette for breakfast lunch and tea these next few weeks ( Maya will be pleased!)

Not a jungle but actually the slightly overgrown garden.

This pretty little flower....What is this does anyone know? Is it chicory?? Don't laugh if its not !

A new friend...Bluey Louis and a BEAUTIFUL gift from a lovely lovely mama ( Cher from the gp forum)
This cheered me up so much , a fleece lined , rainbow striped , soft and lovely baby bonnet made from reclaimed materials . I can't wait to put my little babba in this .... Thank you mama!!

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