Monday, 12 July 2010

24 week bump

It seems to be going really quickly.....and the bump is really wiggly. I'm starting to feel a bit achier and a bit more tired but generally pretty good. I love my expanding bump and i'm really trying to appreciate every part of being pregnant , as this will be my LAST! Maya in particular is really excited about the arrival ,asking lots of questions , talking to the bump. Sonny thinks it can see him through my belly button and that he can hear it making noises. Jamie is a bit more reserved about the whole thing , but will occasionally give my tummy a little stroke ( when he thinks no one else is looking !)

We seem to have most things we need i.e clothes, nappies, a friend is giving me her car seat and i'm hoping to just do without all the other paraphernalia .I think it helps having been here before so i know just how little we will actually need ....however I do have a couple of slings which i'm looking forward to trying out with a tiny bundle ;-)

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