Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sonny rides his bike

This very cleverest of four year olds has learnt to ride his bike without the stabilisers on . The momentous occasion happened last week and he has gone from strength to strengh. Here are the pictures from our second attempt at just ' having a go'

and we're off.... wobble......

That's it keep going.....

keep pedalling.....

I'm so impressed! I remember it took me AGES to learn without my stabilisers , i was rather a cautious child and a bit scared about falling off . But apparently when you are a fearless wonder as regards to , well just about everything really, bike riding is one of those things that you just take in your stride! The joy of seeing my littlest bear wobbling off into the distance filled me to the brim and hearing his siblings admiration at how good he was and congratulating him absolutely made my day !


  1. How fab! My middle one was exactly the same, just peddled off with us all surprised behind her.

  2. Yay for Sonny!! I can't remember when I learnt to ride a bike, but I think I was a lot older than that and I can remember lots of bad steering and ending up with a faceful of Leylandii hedging!!