Friday, 4 June 2010

Up the garden path

Things are really coming along in the garden, fruits, flowers, plants, weeds ( purely for medicinal purposes you understand!) They seem to have gone wild in the space of about a week. Look at my goosegogs now. Think the boys must ask EVERY time they walk past them ' are they ready yet?' a rather wild fruit patch containing , black currants, redcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and another gooseberry bush just for good measure. Out of interest does anyone know how to make raspberry leaf tea? Is it a case of take the leaves and infuse in boiling water or do they need drying out first?

Some chives which are often presented to me in a rather fragrant bouquet.

The start of the potatoes..

coutgettes, pumpkins and corn all now safely in the vegetable patch. And a rather beautiful , tree/ plant. Is it a guilder Rose? not sure. I love it though, the blossoms are like fluffy snow balls.

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