Friday, 11 June 2010

Things i have been growing this week..

Bump at 20 weeks, We had a scan again this week , all is good . And the sex of the baby is .......... going to be a surprise. I did really want to know , but then once we were in there Martin said he was thinking he wasn't sure if he did want to know , and then they said they didn't know anyway because its legs were closed , and then it seemed like we weren't supposed to know yet anyway! I shall continue with my brightly coloured ambiguous knitting then .

We have also been having lots of lovely lettuce from the garden, and the greenhouse , and the windowsill....... i planted rather a lot and have them dotted all over at the minute.
I love the little tiny leaves the best.
The children have also had their first pea pods from the garden this evening. There was the beginnings of a squabble when after eating her peas Maya ate the pod too , declaring it lovely, upon which Jamie and Sonny decide they both MUST have a pod too! Luckily for all involved there was plenty to be had.


  1. What a gorgeous baby bump mama, I think suprises are the best too.
    Loving your vegies mmm...mine are being constantly eaten by slugs, cant seem to stop the things munchin at them!!
    sue x

  2. Cute bump! :)

    Most of my produce gets eaten by the children long before I get it into the kitchen to do anything fun with it, ah well could be worse!

  3. You look gorgeous! We too have a scattering of lettuce in every sunny spot :) xxx

  4. Looking bumpalicious there mama ;-)

    We have rather a lot of lettuce too. I'm going to be giving half of them away to neighbours this week I think!


  5. Makes me miss being pregnant!!!!!