Monday, 11 October 2010

The waiting game

It seems to have been weeks since i last updated my blog, during that time i have had a one year blogiversary too! Firstly a massive MASSIVE thankyou to all the lovely ladies who have sent/sending a bead for my birthing necklace. It means so much to have your positive energies with me knowing that i'm not alone and that you've all been there yourselves! Will post some lovely pics when its all threaded up!

And so to all things Autumny....pumpkin soup with plenty of quinoa ( good for iron you know!)
homegrown ( possibly picked a bit early) corn

and a little green hat to keep a little head warm. Hopefully this is the right size, i seem to have real issues with sizing . The first baby hat had to go to Sonny because it was a little too big , then the hat for Jamie ( because why has Sonny got a hat and he hasn't ?!) was WAY too big ( got a bit carried away increasing ) and is now a rather slouchy hat on Mummy. Jamie has now decided he doesn't want a hat after all, poor child probably dreads what he might end up with!

a little found friend for the boy who so loves wildlife and animals, and a lovely spot of geocaching with friends .

And what a specimen ! Autumn is most definately when will that autumn baby make an entrance?

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  1. I was thinking about you yesterday, take care - hope you are resting well awaiting your Autumn babe xx

    Never thought of using Quinoa in soup - must try that one.