Wednesday, 13 October 2010

38 +5

I'm really looking forward to it!!!!


  1. That's a lovely bump!! Women's bodies are just amazing aren't they!! Enjoy these last few weeks, it's getting very exciting now. Keep taking those pregnancy photos. I didn't take hardly any with my first babies, it was only really with Minnie's pregnancy that I made Conor photograph me when I was overdue and very big! But those photos mean so much now. Pregnancy is always when I feel my most attractive and peaceful, so the photos are happy reminders. xxxx

  2. :) what a stunning bump! You're really glowing too :) exciting stuff. Naomi (it won't let me post with my blogger account for some reason) xxx

  3. Just beautiful!!! May all go well with you, can't wait to read the happy announcement!
    You also look FAB I remember feeling and looking particularly weary at this point in Pip's pregnancy, mind you I did rumble around with contractions for the last ten days!!
    Hugs to you
    San x

  4. how fantastic, bump is nearly ready to meet you.