Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Where is the time going?

Im 35 weeks now ( 36 on Friday!) and it is going so quickly! Things that i planned to get done , serious nesting, sorting, decorating, creating stuff seems to be building up as my due date looms near. Physically i'm feeling good ( apart from bending over issues and restless legs ) and i finally seem to have hit that blooming bit, my skins never been so clear ( that makes up for the early months of looking distinctly grey!) I have however been a hormonal nightmare switching from perfectly calm and happy to furious harpy without a moments warning . Today has been a calm and happy one though so we'll ignore the horrible shouty woman and maybe she'll go away! I have been given the all clear for a hb , have been listening to some hypnobirthing cds lent to me by a lovely mama :-) reading up on ec , lent to me by another lovely mama :-) making some washable wipes and breastpads and generally attempting to get things done!

My babys little stash of belongings. Nearly all preloved or handmade and all fairly unisex at the minute (oooooooh girl or boy?) Everyone loves to have a guess and at the minute most people seem to be plumping for girl , perhaps because of this i have now decided i think babies a boy!

I'm so excited to meet our new little one , but am trying to treasure my last few weeks of being pregnant and appreciate how amazing it feels every time i feel a little foot or fist.
I'm hoping to make a birthing necklace to wear during labour , if anyone would like to send me a bead to thread onto it i would be honoured to include it! If you email me at i'll send you my address.
And finally a rainbow wrap just crying out for a squishy baba to put in it.


  1. You are glowing in that piccie - gorgeous xx

  2. Oh my you look so gorgeously blooming mama, enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy :)

  3. You are so beautiful! A lot of joyful anticipation in that post, so excited to meet your tiny now. xxx

  4. Glowing indeed, and wow I can't believe you're so close to holding your a new member of the family.

    Enjoy the remaining weeks, get plenty of rest xx

  5. Wow you look fab, I remember those hormonal last weeks so well - happy, slightly scared, excited, teary, tired, exhilarated all at once.

    I used my own form of hypnobirthing with my last one, it worked really really well. I saw each contraction as a wave that I was surfing on towards my favourate beach, I surfed up to the peak and then down again - it was really lovely and seemed to work :-)

    Love the necklace idea - fab!

  6. You look postively beautifully, blooming :-)

    And i love the sling, looking forward to photos of you with the little one.. all in good time of course ;-)