Monday, 6 September 2010

New tidy dreads

Whilst we were away i had the chance to visit the lovely Abbi and Paul at Blue Bramble Dreads...and what miracle workers they are! Taking some rather messy looking locks and turning them into lovely tidy dreads , using nothing but a crochet hook!!
It took a fair few hours over a couple of evenings but it was actually really relaxing and sooo worth it!



You can find them by doing a search on facebook or if i have done it properly ( and you are on facebook i think ) you should be able to find them by clicking on the link!!/pages/Norwich/Blue-Bramble-Dreads/130652430286822


  1. They look amazing, and they suit you so well (the extra length). A beautiful mama xxx

  2. Those dreads look amazing, you must be very pleased.