Monday, 15 March 2010


I feel like all my ideals are slipping at the minute. I feel really tired and sick and everything seems like such a lot of effort. I'm happy and everyone else is good too ....but i just feel sooooo lethargic and uninterested.
In a twist of irony my body also seems to be craving the crappiest, junkiest , rubbish foods devoid of all vitamins and goodness and i have given in :-(

A green smoothie has not passed my lips for days and days and salad seems like a distant memory. I have no doubt that were i eating fresh living vibrant healthy food i would no doubt feel tonnes better for it but it the thought is quite unappetising. And don't get me started on fizzy drinks, something i previously hardly ever drank now i can't get enough. I have even started eating meat again too. So i need to TRY harder! Not just in the food area too, with tiredness comes more car use , more TV, and more inactivity..

I will try to..

Have at least one smoothie a day green or otherwise .

When the junk is gone DON'T BUY MORE!!!!

Walk to places i can get to without the car.

Turn the tv off

Ok so its only a VERY small list but i think at the minute it is to eay to fail so baby steps and all!

Hopefully the better diet and more excersise will give me my mojo back and once i'm past the first trimester things should perk up a bit more.
Anyway on a more positive note here are a few pics from the weekend . And a VERY lovely it weekend it was too!!


  1. Hey being pregnant agin is bound to be a strain, especially with 3 other LO's to look after, we all have these dips and small baby steps and goals really are the way to go - I too craved junk in the first 12 weeks - I think it was due to the short term suger rush and the tired - so I tried to substitute similar but better foods, dried apricots worked well, as did oat cakes with rasins and spices in, pop some honey in a green juice too and of course sparkling water is an alternative to fizzy soft drinks, I found it was the only thing that took the edge off my nausea. Hope you feel better soon, hugs Clair xxx

  2. Hey mama, hang in there! And come meet us at a park one day and we'll walk and drink green smoothie with ya. xxx

  3. aw thanks girlies, that made me a bit emotional reading them ( hormones you know !) Things are improving a bit i even had salad for lunch ( although still felt poo all afternoon!) Ah well , would love to ramble around the park again soon!!