Friday, 12 March 2010

Elvis has left the building...

Ok so now Elvis and the Boo Boo chicken are dead. BLOODY FOX got in their run ( its all enclosed so i don't even know how?!) and they are gone !!!! Feathers and a bit of blood are all thet remain.

Luckily Cuddly is still ok as she was in disgrace in the new coop. Now i don't want to put her back in the old one cos it obviously isn't safe .....AAaaaarrrggghhh . Now what ? I think we will have to redo the run and make it more secure.

I suspect the kids will not be impressed . Huh! Well that makes two of us then

fucking fox


  1. Oh Hun, that is just awful. I always dread this sort of thing happening. Hugs to you all.

  2. That must have been awful to discover! Foxes can climb, is there any way it has climbed up something to get into the coop? Or has it dug under the wire and got through that way? Sounds like you have a determined foxy anyway! I hope you find out how it's happening soon, it must be so sad, I love chickens.

  3. :-( I hope you aren't too upset. A fox took our gorgeous call ducks a while back and a few chickens, we were so upset :-( Did it get under the wire as we had one do that once so we had to dig down and wire down quite a way.