Thursday, 11 March 2010

Elvis isn't dead.

She's living in our garden. Meet Elvis and The Boo Boo Chicken. Elvis is the grey one , the Boo Boo Chicken is the one cowering near the nesting box! We went to get some new chickens on Saturday . Left them in the coop to get used to it then at bed time opened the hatch so that they could meet their new house mate...Cuddly Blue...aka one naughty chicken! Cuddly Blue has , since Saturday, made her sole purpose in life to harrass the new chickens to death. Not just the odd ' i'm the boss around here' kind of a peck but proper full on i'm going to fight you to the death harrasment. Hence Cuddly's new coop for the next couple of days. Its got a couple of levels but its not the roomiest of spaces so hopefully after a couple of days separation she will have calmed down enough to be reintroduced to the new chickens. Hopefully the new chickens will also feel brave enough to come out of the coop and not feel the need to cower with their bottoms in the air in a nesting box!

This week we've also done some painting and some planting . After painting a picture of a cat for him my little lovely exclaimed ' Oh Mummy you make my heart feel so happy!' ....... take that Enid Blyton!

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